Canapés and hors d’œuvres – French wedding delights!

There are so many reasons for a wedding in France; the weather (best to get the elephant in the room identified first), the food, the Chateaux, the wine, the culture, the relaxed ambience, that je ne sais quoi,  the sheer poetic romance of it all. I’m sure that the food is certainly high on many peoples lists when they plan a wedding in France. Sampling the taster menus and sipping the wines to make that selection for the meal are probably one of the highlights of the planning stage.

It’s a long time from the wedding preparations until it’s time to sit down and savour the culinary delights of France. So, with all the wonderful moments of that wedding day in France lets just pause for a moment to say a massive thank you to the pleasure that is the canapé or hors d’oeuvre served at the vin d’honneur.

The champagne is poured, people are mingling, chatting, fresh from the excitement, fresh from the emotions of the ceremony, laughter leaps from glasses held to smiling lips, stories of the day so far are recounted and then they arrive on silver plates……. The humble canapé amusing the mouth before the arrival of the multi course main event.

It’s a pleasure to photograph these little beauties but that pales into insignificance compared to the pleasure of eating them! Monsieur-dame I give you a few a snaps of the delights that are the French wedding canapé. Mmmm Mmmmmm

Aerial canapés

Casual Oyster schucking

Bite size pieces of heaven

Orange and white, two of the most tasty colours.

It’s not burnt it’s flambé


essential cocktails

canapés served in shells, la classe!

BBQ seafood Mmmmm

Everything is of course better when served with champagne 🙂

Tinned canapés for children 🙂

It’s always the little extra touches that count..

Heaven on a tray