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Oysters anyone?

Looking for ideas for those tasty little canap├ęs for all your guests to nibble on as they sip champagne on your wedding day?


Then why not think Oysters. Not only are the pesky little molluscs a delightful mouthful of “fresh from the sea” taste they are also a great conversation starter! A perfect accompaniment with a nice dry white wine or glass of bubbly they can be eaten “au naturel” or with a slight squeeze of lemon juice or Tabasco sauce maybe? .

A favourite at French weddings. Just ask your Traiteur of the availability on the menu. The Oysters normally come freshly opened (shucked) by the Traiteur and if this is done in front of your guests at an Oyster bar it is also live entertainment as well for your guests.


A boat of Oysters…


Great for sharing with friends both old and new…


Go on, release the sea! …