It’s not finished until it’s framed – Fine art wedding photographer

The creative process

The creative circle of photography consists of some very specific processes. It starts with the visualisation of the image, then there’s some techno mumbo jumbo of F-stops and shutter speeds and then we click the button.

The creative vision – cue cards optional, framing hands essential ūüôā

The editing process

The creative process is followed by the editing process to nail that look, that moment, that message, that was initially hoped for. Digital images are then converted from their heavyweight hard disk devouring RAW and TIFF formats to the lean, much loved and portable JPG versions and laid down into their USB resting place.

editing wedding photos

The put it in the post process

Then finally being lovingly transferred via the mail mans hands and yellow vans into the clients homes to be viewed and shared on all the various types of digital screens.  And they will look beautiful.

La Poste!

The circle though, for me, is not complete until that image is taken from it’s hiding place and used to spray ink onto paper to create a physical thing. But even then it’s still not finished. If the image is to be given life in it’s glorious paper form then lets’ not hide it’s bushel in a drawer lets mount that little beauty and place it in a frame.

The final process ends with a hammer or a screwdriver to fix that vision on your wall where it will be seen by all, for ever. Photos look great on screen. Photos come to life on a wall. Fact, no alternatives.

Now, if you’re going to display that special image on your wall for everyone to see then why settle for anything less than a gallery quality, fine art photograph printed on archive quality cotton papers? I know, why would you? So…….

The print and frame it process

Introducing the fine art wedding print collection

All my fine art photography is¬†personally printed by me using pigment based archival inks onto the Rolls Royce of fine art photo papers –¬†Hahnem√ľhle photo rag 308g paper. This inkjet or gicl√©e process of printing produces beautiful deep, rich, stunning prints with superior lightfastness and stability when compared to other methods of printing. I just love printing these prints. The detail, the subtlety, the colours are what makes the print come to life. If it’s black and white then this is an area where, by using some magic pixie dust software (Imageprint RIP to be exact), the black and white prints are 100% pure black and white, no slight colour tint just lovely Black & White photography just like an old fashioned classic dark room print onto fibre papers. The matt finish of the paper particularly suits the framing behind glass as there are no pesky¬†reflections to deal with off the print when you are viewing it.¬†So, after having given this some thought for quite a while and spent this Winter researching various presentation products I am rather pleased to announce that david page photography is now offering a fine art print collection of wedding photographs. My clients can now select 8 of their favourite images to be¬†gicl√©e printed onto Hahnem√ľhle photo rag papers, mounted within an iced white mount board and delivered¬†in a presentation box ready to be placed into an A4 picture frame and lovingly displayed on a wall of their choice.

La classe!

The fine art wedding photography collection

Matted prints ready to frame

Acid free Iced white lightly textured mountboard

For further details and pricing on the wedding fine art print collection just send me an e-mail.

Oh and don’t forget, if you love it, print it and frame it. See it everyday. david page photography,¬†fine art wedding photographer¬†offering¬†fine art wedding photography.

David x

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