Telling stories with pictures

I have just finished editing a recent wedding and there were two images in there that made me think about “telling stories with pictures”,  what it actually means and how powerful images can be in highlighting a moment or sentiment from the day.

Documentary wedding photography is not just a collection of candid snaps taken throughout the day. It is a set of carefully constructed images that all tie together to provide a true narrative to the day. It also helps if the photos can be composed and delivered in an artistic manner, something that will draw the viewer in or make the viewer linger over the images to take in exactly what is happening.

Sometimes telling stories with pictures is not about producing a stunning award winning shot it’s about the subtle detail of the day, it’s about listening and watching to what is happening and tuning into the characters of the day and capturing images that mean something in a very specific way to the wedding party.

Take a look at the two photos below.

documentary wedding photography

wedding photography in france

Now viewed on their own as just two photos these aren’t too bad (in my opinion). However, when viewed in context to the story of the Bride then maybe they take on a different complexion to her story…..

Millie was from America and had dreamt of a romantic wedding in France. Her basic vision was to be married in a Chateau looking out onto green lawns with a lake in the background. Are you starting to see where this is going now? So, when I saw Millie in a moment of quiet reflection looking out of the window I took the first shot as it looked interesting and quite moving. By including the 2nd shot in the narrative it explains to the viewer what she was gazing at. The result, in my eyes, are two now elevated images which are far stronger together than individually. They make me return to them and wonder what Millie was thinking at that moment in time? Her dream realised as she gazed out over the morning mist rising over green lawns and the lake in the background.

Documentary wedding photography. Your story, your day.


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